Canada’s East Coast – Day 2

On the second day we packed up quickly after breakfast and headed to Quebec City and then onwards to our campsite in New Brunswick.

I had only ever been to Quebec City one cold December evening for a quick stroll. This was new to me as well. We parked near a market and walked our way upwards to Chateau Frontenac. We wandered the hotel a little. Tried to get a Starbucks, but the line was through the roof.




Chateau Frontenac

There we purchased our Parks Canada pass. We immediately used the pass to go below grade to Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site.

Old freezer box
Place d’Arms


We climbed up to Place d’Arms and then meandered back to our car. Where we made sandwiches and headed onwards, not before driving past the Plains of Abrahams along the St. Laurent.

Our drive to Park Provincial de la République in New Brunswick was long. What stood out in country side was what we called gum drop hills spotting the farm land. Eventually the landscape became more rolling and then it felt  like we were on a mountain.

The campground was lovely, expansive and very busy. Each site was very large, and well maintained. An added bonus, when you purchase your bundle of wood, the deliver it to your site.


After we setup our camp and ate we wandered the grounds to explore the pool, playground and theatre. There was a play being performed by campers who had practiced all week. It was clear that this campground was place where families stayed for an entire week and returned to year after year.

We walked to a neighbouring New Brunswick Botanical Garden. It was closed for the night and unfortunately, we would have to leave too early the next day to enjoy them.





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