We Are the World Bridge Camp- Piper’s Hill


Our Community Guider organized a WAGGGS themed Bridge Camp for the Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders this September.

We Are the World crest sketch.
My crest sketch design.


Camp activity passport : passport3.

Activities included:

  • In the morning visits to the WAGGGS regions: Asia South Pacific, Europe, Africa, Arab and Western Hemisphere to do a regional game, craft or activity.
    • This included Hula dancing, Arabic calligraphy IMG_0447
  • In the afternoon we did skills activities like gadgets, a nature scavenger hunt and putting up tents.
  • At night, after the Pathfinders led campfire, we play ports.

Hat craft: Colour coded shrink art luggage tags.


Piper’s highlights included:

  • finding the shortcut from the lodge to Brooklet and Farfield.
    • We marked with surveyors tape. Look SW to the Lodge campfire.
  • discovering a flock of pheasants (also found grouse feathers and a toad
  • IMG_0497Super moon campfireIMG_0493


Brooklet Site
Brooklet Site


BOB Time (Bodies on Bed) quiet time
BOB Time (Bodies on Bed) quiet time


Lights Out,


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