ORCKA – Camp Adelaide


A Level III ORCKA person must be present in order to take Guides out canoeing. Having eye surgery a couple of years ago has renewed my love for water. So silly me thought I’ll get certified for the unit on my birthday weekend.

After the grueling rain-filled weekend, I sadly only achieved Level II.  Apparently, I didn’t have the finess for Level III. With my bad wrists and general lack of fluid grace I may never have this, but I’ll give it one more try. My new strategy is to go with a partner with the same mental perseverence and a compatible communicator.

No regrets though – the other Guiders, instructors and youth were all as lovely as this scenic camp. And I heard owls.

Wish I had time to explore the land portion of the camp.

IMG_0243 IMG_0320 IMG_0326

Loon Island

Loon Island


Lights Out,



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