OAL Tent – Ma-Kee-Wa

July, 2016

I’m a big camper, but with many years between being a Pathfinder and becoming a Guider I was beginning to notice that some camping ideologies had evolved and modernized since my younger years. For instance, the sites I attended in BC didn’t have things like pre-built platform tents and designated LDPs. I thought it would be beneficial to acquaint myself with the newer customs and unfamiliar setups. The added bonus was that Ma-Kee-Wah is one of 3 GG camps close to Toronto. I could scope it our for a possible winter unit camp.


The training was really well organized and professional.  I learned some advanced camping skills, ways to organize camps, new songs, camp meals and games.  I highly recommend it.

Ma-Kee-Wah was extremely accessible from the GTA. There are a lot of different tenting and residential options, a pool, a toboggan hill, hiking and an enchanted forest.

At night, 3 of us went for a walk and came across a field of fireflies (didn’t have my camera).

IMG_9527 (1)
In the enchanted forest.

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