Maquinna Island

Maquinna Island

Trekking back and forth between Ontario and B.C. my whole life has taught me that as great as it is to visit  family it is not a vacation. In more recent years we decided to include vacation time just for the three of us to bond, and relax.


Tofino has become a favourite for us. It is secluded place for those who seek sea, surf and coastal living on the edge of the world.

On our last visit we took a whale watching tour. This time we boarded the Hootla Kootla and headed to Maquinna Island Provincial Park. This little island North of Tofino is an emerald gem of mossy lush cedars with pops of colourful flora. It is quiet and serene, and worth spending the day exploring. For those into geocaching there are some clever caches along the boardwalk.


There is something beyond the secluded hike that draws hikers to the island, and each person carries a common clue.  In each of their packs they carry a swimsuit, because the destination of their hike is Hot Springs Cove.


The hot springs is an island paradise. Bathers descend into the first rock pool fed by spring’s waterfall and then can climb down the narrow igneous rock bed to where the spring empties into the ocean. The lower pools are cooler from tidal and wave action. It’s a powerful experience sitting among the jagged black rock, mineral pools and crushing waves.


It was a bit drizzly when we were there, but not to worry there is a roomy covered platform with benches and change rooms.  You can stow your gear and picnic there. Beware though, the Stellar Jays are watching your food and are very fast.


We brought our picnic from the Red Can.  We were going to pick them up the night before, but they insisted on making it for us fresh for morning pick-up with the fishermen’s orders.


If you didn’t bring a picnic, the Copper Moon Cafe may be moored in the marina.  The owners are very nice. We enjoyed coffee there on the way back. The sticker shock is overcome by the ambience and the realization that they must travel 90 minutes each way to get supplies.


On the way back we had the bounty of seeing many sea lions and grey whales up close. It was better than our 3 hour tour in 2012.


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