Toronto Trails – York & Kay Gardner Belt Line – Parts 1 & 2

The Kay Gardner Belt Line runs from Bowie Avenue just West of Calendonia to Yonge and through Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

I completed this route in two parts due to time constraints. However, this can easily be done as a single day route if you like long walks or medium cycling stints. In the second video, I cycled from Bowie Ave to Walter Saunders Park. This is approximately 2 kilometres one way.

In the first video, I hiked the newest section of the beltline from Walter Saunders Memorial Park to Marlee and continue through to the Yonge Street bridge. This is about 5 kilometres one way.

This is an urban multi-purpose trail that passes through parks, crosses busy city streets, behind apartment buildings and behind houses. You’ll find it full of walkers, dogs, joggers, and cyclists. This trail has grown in popularity over the years, and especially so since 2020.

Walter Saunders Park

The path is fairly flat and wide with only a gradual incline from Avenue to Bathurst. The path from the Allen Road to Yonge Street is all gravel and dirt. The path is paved from Marlee to Bowie and through Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Late Spring and early Summer are my favourite times to enjoy the tree canopy which shelters most of the belt line. For the cherry blossom lovers out there, you’ll find one between the park and Marlee Avenue.

Loving these blue Star of Hollands. What’s life if you don’t stop to smell the flowers now and then?

You may have driven under the horse lined Kay Gardner Belt Line bridge over Yonge Street. Like other parts of the path, the bridge has undergone an artistic upgrade over the past couple of years. In addition to the horses, this bridge offers a great view of the downtown core and a north view of midtown.

The entrance to Mount Pleasant Cemetery is about 50 meters across the East side of the bridge.

My hope for the Toronto Trails series of hikes is to offer locals either inspiration or new areas to discover right outside their front door while getting fresh air and exercise. I’ve tagged past posts with “Toronto Trails” and will cover some of my favourite trails as well as venture out to explore new-to-me trails.

Remember to be safe out there, wear a mask and stay apart.

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