Rouge National Urban Park – June 6

We had the itch. You know the one that says let’s get out of the house and maybe out of town and while we are at it see a friend. So I called up LL and we arranged to meet up for a little hike through Rouge National Urban Park.

It had just reopened.  Word hadn’t gotten out yet. There was a fair amount of vehicles in the parking lot we went to, but it wasn’t so packed that you had to wait for a spot or fear breaking social distancing.

Another friend had recommended going to a lake to see turtles. I love turtles, so this is how we decided our route.  The route could use better markers, but we found our way there. Unfortunately the only way to glimpse the turtles would have been to go right down to the lake’s edge and this seemed only accessible through dense brush. None of us the proper shoes, or clothing for this and the heat was searing at this point.

We did spot a little blue butterfly and the train roared past us, which is always fun to see.


On the way back we saw a fully attired/vested officer patrolling the trail.  This is something I’ve never seen before at a national park. I guess they were looking for social distance breakers.

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