trail stairs

Toronto Trails – Crothers Woods

There are several entrances to Crothers Woods. I met a friend in the parking lot of the “secret” Loblaws for a physical distance walk. We started with stairs nearby.

Caveat. The trail has a lot of ups and downs and is well used by mountain bikers  One could easily walk here over and over and never take the exact path as there is a network of interconnected trails.
Don RiverWe came to a bridge that led to the Sun Valley trail. Another friend of mine has seen a beaver a little further down stream.

trail signs

We chose the harder path or the higher path and ended up along Bayview. It is definitely worth coming here in all seasons to see how the landscape changes.

Oh yeah, found some Sakura. Who needs High Park?  It was so uplifting to be outside, exploring something new at home with company of a friend.


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