Canada’s East Coast – Days 9 & 10

The Long Way Back

Sadly we had no choice, but to leave, but this didn’t mean we couldn’t drag our feet just a little. We had a leisurely breakfast while enjoying the sunrise. P1120378.jpg

We stopped off at Kelly’s Bake Shop for coffee and road treats and began our long drive back to Camping Amerique in Montreal.IMG_8310.jpeg

We left New Brunswick with a cracked windshield. It happened just before Edmunston on Saturday morning.  If you think you can get any of the car shops in Edmunston to answer their phones, you would be wrong.

Quebec was uneventful. Except we did spot someone sitting in a lawn chair. This lawn chair was attached to a propeller and parachute. He flew over the campsite for about 30 minutes. IMG_8312.jpeg

We enjoyed our dinner and a swim in the pool and looked forward to getting home the next day.



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