Canada’s East Coast – Day 7

A Foggy Day

Are you tired yet?  We still have 4 days left to this road trip.  On this morning, we packed up and left by 7. We stopped at Aucoin’s bakery for more treats and coffee and drove to Halifax, stopping only for gas, and quick leg stretches.  It was a good day for being in the car because we got a lot of rain. Keep in mind that rain is often accompanied by fog, especially on the coast. Because this there is much we didn’t see, but the effect was also mist-acle. Yup I’m tired.

Our main destination was the Citadel in Halifax. Wow! They did such an amazing job at this fort.  There were interactive stations throughout the complex. One experience I had never had before was a reenactment war bunker. Everyone we came across who worked there was knowledgable and  friendly.  On a clear day, I’m sure the city harbour vista is phenomenal.


Our next stop was Peggy’s Cove. In retrospect, this amount of driving in a day was bananas, but anyhow sometimes you don’t know until you know. The drive to Peggy’s Cove was quaint and picturesque even in thick fog. Honestly, I now know that I could stay an entire leisurely week on this end of the island exploring fishing villages and staying in B&Bs.

BTW- I don’t think you can take a single bad photo in Peggy’s Cove. It is very curated.


Sadly due to time and the thick fog we decided not to go to Lunenburg. On a different kind of day, I would have gone the distance, but we wanted to be able to see what we were looking at. With that we headed to our next campground in Laurie Provincial Park.

What can we say about this campsite.  It is run remotely and by a camp host. It was well kept and had a beautiful lake.  There were not many people there, but perhaps that was because it was the middle of the week. For us it was a bit of a let down, after our last few campsites and maybe we found it eerily quiet. It served its purpose though and set us up nicely for Day 8.

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