Haifa Eats

We had our own kitchenette in our apartment. This allowed us to prepare most of our meals. We navigated the Hebrew labels at the Super Sal and corner grocers to pickup our food staples, mostly cereal, sandwich fixings and snacks. I did manage to make some awesome omelettes. I owe it to a spice I picked up. I believe it was Tumeric.


We did have some favourite places to eat out. Here is our list:



Fattoush was our go to restaurant of a sit down meal. Located in the German Colony on Ben Gurion Blvd, this restaurant is known for serving their namesake salad. It doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve obsessed over the Lebanese Fattoush salad, which means ‘all in’ for a number of years. I’ve tried numerous recipes from Lebanese friends, cookbooks and the internet, but not one compared to this Fattoush salad. This one had Sumac in it, which I had never tried using before.


Arabic Coffee

Beside the salad, I tried a few other meals. My other favourites were the Labneh and the Msakhan chicken fillet, with sautéed onions and pine nuts on flat bread served with Tahini.


My tips:  Don’t bother bringing the leftovers home. This kind of food is best eaten in the moment. If weather permits, eat Alfresco under the lanterns.




Across from Fattoush is an ice cream parlour called Igloo. There are a lot of delicious flavours to choose from.

Falafel Ha’zkenim

 The best falafel maker in world.
 Getting ready to dig in.
 Our new friends who helped us find the falafel shop.

This falafel place came highly recommended. In my opinion, no other falafel tastes better than the ones made in this shop. We went back to 18 Wadi a couple of times.

We were told the newer place across the street is just as good, but the lineup and constant crowd to this one had told me otherwise. This owner has had his shop for many years and his patrons are loyal.


On our way to finding the falafel shop we came across Abd al-Hadi. We went back to pickup a dish of pastries and baclava. Find this place at 3 Sh’hadah Shalach St. in the Wadi Nisnas neighbourhood. The shop is open until 11pm daily.


Fresh Fruit


Hello, there were fresh oranges and grapefruits. We visited a couple of orchards where we were given permission to select a few that had fallen to the ground. Delicious.

Masada station

We ended up eating some pretty awesome sandwiches and drinking the best lemonade on this trip somewhere on Masada. Can’t recall the name, because it had larger sign advertising its Hotspot wifi. Regardless the neighbourhood was quite chill and colourful. Definitely worth a visit.


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