Winter Wonders Camp – Ma Kee Wa

The Agenda

We asked our girls what they would like to at camp. Our top 3 requests were: more sleep, tobogganing and crafts.

The result was an agenda with plenty of flexibility, buffer time and for once I finally felt somewhat rested and definitely not exhausted.

This agenda is a keeper.




7:00 – Arrival, Registration, Activities

7:45 – Skit Prep

8:15 – Camp Intro, Safety Discussion

9:00 – Mug Up

10:00 – Bed



8:00 – Breakfast, followed by BP Skit 1, 2 Sing Ontario Sing songs

9:30 – Crafts

10:30 – Snack

11:00 – Snow Shoeing


12:00 – Lunch, followed by Lady BP Skit 2, 2 Sing Ontario Sing songs, (actually lunch was 12:30)

1:30 – B.O.B. , Bodies On Bed – nap time or quiet individual activity time, (actually happened 2:30)

2:30 – Tobogganing (actually 3:45)

3:30 – Crafts (actually 4:30)

6:00 – Dinner, followed by Lady BP Skit 3, 2 Sing Ontario Sing songs, (back on track)

7:30 – Night Hike with our lanterns

8:30 – Camp Fire, indoors

10:00 – Bed


The Menu

The girls requested grill cheese, soup, apple pie.  Frost, this camp’s QM, put together and awesome menu, which for all intensive purposes was fairly simple, quick and delicious – the 3 key to requirements for a great camp menu.


Mug Up:  Grill Cheese and Tomato Soup, Hot Chocolate


Breakfast: pancakes, orange slices, milk

Snack: Trail Mix

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup and homemade macaroni

Snack: ants on a log, veggies and dip

Dinner: Chicken fingers with plumb sauce, sweet potatoes,

Mug Up: Taffy (3rd time’s the charm)

DSC06854 DSC06917


Breakfast: apple crumble


The Crafts

Friday night:


  • personalize mactac placemats

Saturday morning:

  • feather washi barrettes




  • sparkly pom pom snowmen


  • pine cone bird feeders




  • tin can lanterns


Night Hike – We twinkled below, while the stars twinkled above.

Saturday afternoon:

  • hockey sticks
For the upcoming Marlies’ Game
  • toboggans


Ma-Kee -Wa

The Farm House


So much love and care has gone into The Farm House. Hand crafted trefoils, a photographic quilt, a pin pricked lamp shade, cross-stitching and stencils decorate this house. This is a very special place to stay in for camp. We had 12 girls and 5 leaders sharing this space and the connected Branches very comfortably. You could see the girls felt very comfortable in the space.

The Toboggan Hill


We had just enough snow to enjoy the toboggan hill. The girls had such a fun time trying each other’s sleds and enjoying this spacious hill all to themselves.

The Enchanted Forest

There were new things to discover the second time around in the Enchanted Forest and the girls  added their own mark by hanging their pine cone bird feeders along the trail.

Fresh tracks


It was one of the best camps I’ve been a part of thanks to Fire Fly, Frost, Spark and Blaze.


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