Teddy Bear Picnic Camp – TRHAC

The flow of life changes and I’m flowing with it.  Over the past year I’ve found myself more and more involved with the Girl Guides of Canada and my Brownie unit.

This June, I had the pleasure of organizing our Brownie unit’s Teddy Bear Picnic themed camp, which we held at TRHAC in New Lowell, Ontario.

First – Hang Care Bear tent markers outside each tent.

teddy bear picnic camp crafts brownies 2015 - 2

Second – Transform the girls into teddy bears. When the girls arrived at camp they traced their bear ears on foam that matched their Care Bear tent.teddy bear picnic camp crafts brownies 2015 - 3

Third – do all things bear.

  • Name different spaces and structures with names like Jellystone Park and Hundred Acre Woods.
  • Learn about bears and bear safety.
  • Bearify the menu
    • Add bear shaped food like gummy bears and teddy grams to Trail Mix

Fourth – Go on a teddy bear picnic.



Fifth – Make a hat craft.

Sixth – Have fun and enjoy the camp.IMG_8904 DSC06404 (1) IMG_8906

Silver Owl

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